EAA 690 FlyBuddies

The FlyBuddy program is designed to allow chapter pilots that are currently active to make themselves known to pilots that may not be active or have given up their medical yet still desire to fly now and then. By becoming a FlyBuddy these pilots are willing to be contacted by others to create an opportunity to go flying. If you are a current pilot and want to be listed as a FlyBuddy pilot you can do so by editing your current profile by checking the FlyBuddy field and submitting your update. You must be logged in to do so. Once you have checked the FlyBuddy option your information will be available in this listing. You may remove yourself from this list by editing your current profile and un-checking the FlyBuddy field and submitting your update. Another way of getting flying opportunities is to use the Flyout Events list.
To contact a FlyBuddy click on the name to send the FyBuddy an email.

Please understand that you are granting permission for others using this site to have access to your email address so they may contact you.
FlyBuddy Pilots
Brian Michael - brian.michael@yahoo.com
John Morgan - morganjp@mindspring.com